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Building Renovations in North Dakota

At 10 World Estate Enterprises, we are specialized in all building renovation processes in North Dakota. In our company, we offer a wide range of possibilities and comforts for our clients, aimed at making it easier to carry out the work and the services and rehabilitation works of facades and buildings with the qualities and seriousness that characterize us.

Our distinctive is based on the strong commitment acquired, which provides you with advice and functional and quality solutions. We have a team of professionals highly qualified, with technical knowledge and the necessary experience in work to advise you faithfully and in any need that may arise related to the rehabilitation work of homes, buildings and facades. All this allows us to offer all the guarantees, with controls according to current legislation and with an insurance company, to ensure the good execution and result of the work.

Services we carry out in the community of North Dakota:

• Comprehensive rehabilitation of facades and buildings in North Dakota
• Treatments of cracks, expansion joints, mortar, and resin injections.
• Courtyard rehabilitation
• Restoration of buildings in North Dakota.
• Maintenance of gutters, downspouts, roofs, and balconies.
• Kitchen renovations
• Bathroom renovations
• Restoration of houses in North Dakota
• Protection of walls: anti-graffiti treatment, waterproofing, fungicides.

A Company specialized in construction projects and rehabilitation of homes and buildings in North Dakota
All our construction projects and repair and rehabilitation works contribute to return to the different buildings or homes the security they require and the necessary conditions for their use without any risk.