How to insulate an already built house

 Houses are no longer built like the old ones .” How many times are statements like this heard? The truth is that it is not possible to compare the current brick walls with the large stones and walls that were used a century ago.

This means that, although construction companies work with the best technique and quality materials, owners often wonder how to insulate an already built house.

And it is that cold, humidity and noise are very annoying presences if the insulation of the houses is not well done or has lost part of its effectiveness. Solving it involves reworking the insulating part of walls and windows and improving the comfort of the spaces.

How can the thermal insulation of already built houses be improved

The first thing, and never better said, is not to make the mistake of starting the house from the roof. If it is believed that there is a problem with the insulation of the houses, it is necessary to confirm if this perception is real and it is necessary to work on the thermal insulation of the houses.

A renovation team is the one who can best carry out the analysis and propose to the client who has the problem the best solution to insulate walls already built from all those currently in use.

If it is an exterior wall

If it is an exterior wall, the solution is quite simple, it does not involve hardly any intervention and the inhabitants of the house will not feel how their home becomes an impassable area for weeks.

To insulate the facades, it is usually chosen to install exterior walls that, superimposed on the original facade and with the corresponding insulating layers, provide the property with sufficient insulation from cold, humidity and noise.

From an aesthetic point of view they are not a problem: you can work with materials that are decorative in themselves and , at the same time, apply paints, tiles or any other related element.

Insulate inside the house

When the space beyond the outer walls is used, it is not possible, the insulation of the houses must then be carried out from the inside. In this case, it is also usual to work with the installation of panels that pursue the objective of insulating walls.

Double walls of cellulose, wood, cork or any other similar material will be more than perfect to achieve the objective of comfort, both from the point of view of sound and from the point of view of temperature and humidity.

This option requires construction time, although it is true that it is a fast, clean action that causes the least inconvenience to the client. That is why, in addition to the high degree of satisfaction it causes in the owner, which is one of the most used today.

Other ways to insulate house walls

There are times when, for reasons of space, desire to avoid construction or budget, it is impossible to carry out this type of insulation. In this sense, it is necessary to look for alternative formulas that can replace the presence of walls with insulating material in the middle.

One of these systems is to use injectable thermal insulation. It is a process by which air chambers are sought in the walls of the house and these are filled with insulating material.

The objective is to achieve the same as in the case of the creation of additional walls, but taking advantage of the existing ones. It is somewhat more difficult to implement and the same yields are not obtained, but with this method an already built house can be insulated without too much hassle.

You can also adopt measures and habits that aim to maintain the comfort temperature in the home and eliminate or reduce noise.

For example, protect the window frames with putty or silicone, so that there are no gaps where noise or cold from outside can enter. Other options that contribute to insulation include placing curtains and blinds, optimizing the use of heating and keeping doors and windows closed as long as possible.

All these tips answer the question of how to insulate an already built house and how to carry out the insulation of houses without this involving large works and investments. A professional renovation team can study each case in a concrete and personalized way to offer perfectly optimized answers for the property.