Real Estate Refrigeration Companies

Restaurants, hotels, pubs, bars, and floral shops are some of the businesses that rely highly on refrigeration units. It is always advised to purchase a top-notch cooler unit that would serve your business accordingly.

When choosing a cooler unit, one of the things to keep in mind is the manufacturer. A good refrigerator manufacturer would give you a good-quality cooler unit for your business. A lot of businesses rely on walk-in cooler units for extra reliability. American Walk-In Coolers is among the leading commercial refrigerator companies in the country. So why should you buy a cooler unit from us?


  1. We are knowledgeable and experienced

We have been in the walk-in-making business for many years now, which is one of the reasons our clients depend on our services. We also have a team with proper skills and knowledge in making the best walk-in coolers. For that, you will be sure of dealing with highly-trained and qualified technicians in the walk-in cooler industry.


  1. We offer customized units

Do you need a unit that is specifically designed to suit your business? Maybe you want a huge unit that consumes less energy? We offer custom-made cooler units to our businesses and allow people to make requests according to their business needs and their preferences.


  1. We are 100% American

All our walk-in cooler units are made and assembled in America. There is no case of having cheap China cooler units. Also, our walk-in coolers are guaranteed to last for over ten years without breaking down.

  1. We are an international company

Even though our units are made and assembled in America, we still deliver orders to more than 30 countries. Furthermore, our orders are delivered within hours around America. So wherever you are in the world, we will do our best to deliver your order and give you the best unit for your business.


  1. We offer financing options

We do understand the high costs of purchasing a walk-in cooler. For that, we offer different financing options to help businesspersons get the refrigeration units even when you don’t have enough money. Also, we can lease the unit to you if you only need it for a short period. Either way, we do our best to make life easy for you and make your business advance.

Visit our site; for further information about our company. We also have a list of top clients such as The University of Arizona, University of Florida, NASA, Curry Point, Happy Joes, and more. Contact us today for more details and a free quote.